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People are addicted to social media platforms and their mobile devices. Everyone is working to make business digitally strong because it can be helpful to build a brand and more customers. Ultimately a perfect business website plays a greater role in your business growth. To stand out from other similar businesses, you need to develop more engaging and attractive business websites. 

When it comes to web development thousands of new innovations are taking place with each passing day. People have three choices to create their websites either they can select a single page, progressive web app or multi-page interface web. To choose the right website for your business you need to understand it in detail. This article will help you to get all your questions answered on single-page interface websites.

What Is a Single Page Application?

Single page application is a website which is developed with only one page of HTML. All website content is placed on the page. The best examples of SPA are Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps and Google Drive. 

It works inside a browser and during use, it excludes the need for page reloading. The other content of this SPA is loaded by using JavaScript. It serves an engaging and magnificent UX by creating a natural environment. 

Why Is a Single-Page Website Good For Your Business?

Single page website is good for your business because it gives countless benefits on both the customer experience and back-end side. It can also improve website performance, reduce developer time and lower infrastructure costs. Moreover, it offers a more pleasant experience to users. Not only above it also provides other benefits such as:

Quick Loading Time

Single-page websites do not take longer time to reload because once your website page is loaded the server does not send any more HTML to you, it downloads by default from the beginning. When you open the page, the server sends you a shell page and the browser renders the user interface (UI). 

After your click SPA sends back requests for markup and data. Your server sends back materials which you need and the browser takes them. An updated UI interchanges the pieces without refreshing the full page. This interchange makes SPA more quick and also helpful on pages.

Seamless User Experience

Time is precious for everyone. You can get your money but not time. When you open any website and it takes too much time to load, you will definitely go through the second option. No one is ready to wait for that long. Right! So, if you are really concerned about reducing your bounce rate, make sure to SPA. 

SPA is good for making responsive websites for mobile, tablet and desktop. Users don’t need to click on various links to find the desired information, they only require to scroll the page which makes it more convenient. In addition, you don’t have to wait for the process of the new page loading, as scrolling your content will change not the page. 

Single Query To Server

Having a multi-page website sends multiple queries to the server which lowers the impact of your server. Multiple queries generate lots of traffic and you need more money to buy a new server if one is not enough for your website. 

With SAP, your server does not need to spend time and energy doing multiple renderings. It sends a single query to the server which gives a quick response back to you. No extra impact and you can also save your money by using a few servers for the same amount of traffic. 

One-Time Assets Request

Single pages require very low bandwidth because they load one page for a single time. This makes it very convenient for the users. It is also very good for those visitors who have limited internet connection. 

To get any information users need to send only one request to load the main page. After that, you can get all the information without any other links or pages. There are no multiple pages available so you will get all the information on only one single page. 

Easy Browser Caching Capabilities

When you use a single-page application, all the website data is stored in local storage in the form of a cache. By sending only one request to your server and storing local data, allow users to use that data. It will also work offline. So, Single page websites have really amazing and easy browser caching capabilities. 

Page Load With AJAX Request

When you create a single-page website with the jQuery load method, it is a simple but powerful AJAX method. This method loads all the data from a server and puts the return data into your selected element. SPA requires a single URL parameter which you wish to load. This data parameter sets a specific query string key or value pair and sends it along with the request. The optional callback parameter is executed once the load method gets completed. 

Easy To Create

Developers can easily add the latest features to a single-page website compared to multiple-page websites. It also doesn't take too much time to develop it. SPA development is very easy and convenient for any developer because this content editing website is integrated with real-time analysis. 

Single-page websites are not only good for users' ends but it is also great for your business too because it takes little time as a backend API used for mobile and desktop. As a final result, all the information flow is streamlined and easier to create native websites. 

What Are The Things You Should Consider For Creating SPA?

Here are some basic tips that you should consider while creating a SPA for your business:

  • Pay attention to your designs and backgrounds
  • Try making a page with an engaging appearance
  • Use visual hierarchy
  • Use CTA button
  • Place the text blocks
  • Understand users interactions
  • Improve page loading speed
  • Optimize for SEO
  • Keep your page responsive
  • Use relevant content
  • Make it mobile-friendly

If you hire an expert developer team, they will help you to develop speedy and user-friendly single-page applications. Being a leading IT company, If your single page website is built on Hubspot, will help to customize it with javascript which works as a SPA interface. Here is an example of a site ( SPA interface made in Hubspot. 

Does SPA Have Any Disadvantages?

Of Course yes, Nothing is perfect in the world. Single page application also come with some disadvantages like:

  • SEO suffers
  • JavaScript dependency
  • Lack of unique links
  • Initial loading time
  • Scalability
  • Indexation
  • Analytics trouble
  • Navigation and browser history
  • Security issues

With numerous advantages it has some disadvantages too. Just pick the best one according to your business requirement. 

Single-page websites are great for your business because of the rise of mobile use, it is very convenient. Better user experience is needed for your business growth. After reading all the above advantages and features, SPA is the perfect choice to improve user experience and cost-effective solutions for your business. 

Before you start developing a single-page website, hire an expert and experienced SPA developers team from 2CUBE Studio to customize a single-page website for your business.


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