TravelWorld: A HubSpot theme for travel sites, offering easy navigation, stunning visuals, and mobile-friendly design, perfect for showcasing adventures.



Diverse, easy-to-use modules and sections, ready to reuse

Our core offering centers around a free HubSpot theme, featuring a wide range of modules and adaptable functionalities. We guarantee authentic excellence in every component and section, designed to meet specific requirements with no unnecessary frills.

Extensive Customizability

2CUBE.Studio enables the creation of impressive websites effortlessly. While no adjustments are necessary, theme settings are readily accessible for those who wish to experiment. Our neatly arranged options panel includes a variety of settings, from colors, buttons, spacings, and typography, to forms, borders, and edges. Explore the full array of sections and settings here:

Adherence to HubSpot CMS Hub Protocols

We commit to keeping the focus theme contemporary, trustworthy, and secure. Our specialists possess profound insights into theme installation, a crucial asset for your enterprise. Entrust your website to us with confidence. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations with our service.

The Rationale Behind Offering Complimentary Themes

Providing free themes is a strategic approach to expand our reach and showcase our brand. By offering high-caliber, easy-to-install themes at no cost, we not only ensure quality but also integrate ourselves further into the HubSpot asset ecosystem. Your appreciation of our delivery model likely converts you into a returning client for future endeavors. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement. Rest assured, despite being complimentary, our theme maintains a standard of excellence.


General Features

Sleek and adaptable designs

Sleek, flexible designs for modern, dynamic, and stylish user experiences.

Plug-and-play functionality

Effortless, ready-to-use features for instant, seamless integration.

One-time setup

Set up once, enjoy continuous, hassle-free functionality.

No coding expertise needed

User-friendly, no coding skills required for easy operation.

Fully drag & Drop capabilities

Complete drag-and-drop functionality for effortless customization.

Optimized for speed with up to 90% efficiency

Speed-optimized for up to 90% efficiency in performance.

Versatile and customizable

Highly adaptable and tailor-made for personalization.

Compatible across multiple browsers

Works smoothly on various web browsers for wide compatibility.

Abundant components and reusable elements

Rich in components and elements for repeated, versatile use.


No Coding or Design Skills Required

2CUBE.Studio has made all the templates using HubSpot's CMS power so that you can easily remove, add, drag-and-drop, or edit any modules the theme offers. All these customization options are built with each module which makes 2CUBE.Studio the most flexible and powerful themes on the market.
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Truly Optimized for Mobile

Our responsive HubSpot theme works perfectly fine on all screen sizes, including mobile, desktop, and tablets, with amazing page speed.


Up to 90% - 97% page speed

2CUBE.Studio promises to use everything that can be reused using the utility-first approach. We also ensure code minimization, consequently, and the highest page speed.


Page Templates


14 System templates